Monitor NZ is a specialist monitoring station – operating 24 x 7 to provide support for our national customer base.

We utilise market leading (NZ developed) Patriot Software and effectively monitor all quality commercial and residential alarm and access control systems. Our services can support PSTN, IP, GPRS and Radio alarm panels.

What we offer:

We offer a variety of commercial relationships to support Alarm Integrators as well as offering our services direct to discerning customers. We support Bureau, Dealer and direct customer relationships and operate nationally.

We also offer the convenience of a customer / integrator portal – which allows access to all of your monitoring information and an Integrator APP that allows the integrators to support their technologies without having to engage with the Monitoring Operators if they do not wish to.

Our services are delivered from a NZSA (New Zealand Security Association) graded monitoring station, staffed by a team of experienced Monitoring Operators and we operate a full DR (disaster recovery) monitoring station on the Kapiti Coast – just 60 kms north – which means that we can utilise our experienced Operators in the event that our Wellington monitoring station is not accessible.


You may have noticed the “Just Monitoring” phrase being used within our website and you may be wondering about the relevance.

This phrase refers to the fact that Monitor NZ is a specialist monitoring station – we do not employ technicians to undertake installation or maintenance activities within our customers premises – we leave this to the specialist Integrators.

Further, we do not employ guards to attend alarm callouts nor do we undertake “virtual / video patrols – again selecting to leave this to the specialist guards services companies.

This means that we do not compete with the many installers ,integrators and guard companies who connect their customers to us.


The next level of alarm monitoring is now available from Monitor NZ and it is achieved when the intruder detection system (be it a security alarm or access control system) is integrated with on-site CCTV equipment to allow a video clip to be sent to the monitoring station along with the alarm activation signals.

By pairing camera equipment to specific alarm system zones within your premise we can produce relevant footage that gives the monitoring operator, property owner / manager and emergency services a better understanding of what is occurring on site.

The video clips can be very useful as they “show” what is occurring on site – helping to identify the cause of the alarm activation and supporting the appropriate response actions.

If required the video clips can be forwarded to the building owner / manager and ,where applicable, to emergency services (such as police and fire) to provide them with a visual reference point, to ensure that the appropriate priority is applied to each situation as resources are often stretched.


Why add Video Verification to your monitoring services?

Video Verification provides the following key benefits.

– Supports a faster and more accurate response to alarm events
– Provides greater situational awareness for the operator and the responders
– Provides the ability to quickly share incident footage with police, responders, and business / home owners
– Can reduce unnecessary alarm response patrol callouts


Video Verification Applications

The video verification service is applicable in many situations.

If you have existing CCTV capability on site it is a logical integration that will improve your overall security solution.

The service is particularly relevant in remote locations – where a physical guard response can be slow and expensive and on “busy” sites – where all alarm activations have to be investigated but not all justify the cost of a security guard response.

Video Verification works to provide superior information about what is happening on site and the cause of alarm activations and is exceptionally useful when things go wrong, as it means that the correct / appropriate response is dispatched at the earliest possible time.

This is NOT a virtual guard tour service

Some customers, having seen the power of the integrated technologies, have asked if Monitor NZ will extend the services to include a virtual guard tour.

We will not

We are supporting a Video Verification service only i.e. video images are captured at the time of the alarm activation from a paired camera (or cameras) and these images accompany the alarm activation information to Monitor NZ where our experienced operators view the footage when determining the correct course of action.

This helps us be a more effective monitoring provider.

The virtual or video guard tour service is however a function that is more appropriately provided by your nominated guard company.


Monitor NZ introduces the “PLINK” App to provide a durable, highly effective, reasonably priced staff and contractor welfare solution.

PLINK supports:

– Lone or isolated workers health with safety welfare/duress capability
– Programmed welfare checks at pre-determined intervals and this can be turned on/activated by the user remotely when needed (no need to call Monitor NZ)
– Personal Mobile duress alarm with pin point location
– The ability to location track (via integrated GPS tracking) throughout New Zealand.

How Monitor NZ came to work with PLINK:

The PLINK App has been developed by Patriot Systems Ltd (refer – the same local (Kiwi) company that developed the alarm monitoring software used by Monitor NZ.

From a monitoring perspective the information generated from the use of the PLINK App is managed within the same technology ecosystem as the security monitoring services – meaning that our Operators interact intuitively with this information and are there 24 x 7 to support the end users as required.

PLINK is a smart App:

PLINK is a smart App – with a high level of automisation available – meaning the App does most of the heavy lifting by providing the users prompts and reminders as well as managing first level escalation processes (via SMS, email or smart phone App’s).

Having the support and escalation processes highly automated reduces operator time and keeps the cost of supporting this service at a very realistic level while maintaining the speed and accuracy of support required within a staff welfare process.

Our Operators are always available to provide support if required – so emergencies situations are managed effectively.

PLINK is simple to use and the although the service operates 24 X 7 the individual users can turn the services on and off at their discretion and there is no need to call Monitor NZ to initiate the services once the employee or contractor is set up in the PLINK system.

About PLINK:

The developers had three key objectives when developing the App:

They wanted it to be easy to use
– They wanted this single App to be capable of solving a number of problems
– They wanted to keep the costs low
– to make it accessible to everyone

We believe that they have achieved these objectives and they have developed a very durable monitored welfare solution that we believe is perfectly suited to a use in many industries throughout New Zealand.

IoT Support

For some time we have been monitoring BMS systems, effectively receiving, triaging and managing the information from these systems and ensuring that the correct response is allocated to each incident or issue.

This activity is now ramping up – with our 24 x 7 services being in demand to provide critical support to those business who are investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and benefiting from the connectivity that this provides.

IoT refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data in real time using embedded sensors. Examples of IoT devices are security alarm systems, thermostats on refrigerators, Co2 monitors and the various components that make up building management systems.

It is forecasted that 3.74 billion IoT mobile connections will exist worldwide by the end of 2025 and more than 64 billion IoT devices will be connected and operational by the end of 2026 – so you can see that the expected growth is exponential.

Monitor NZ has a critical role to play – either in a 24 x 7 capacity or as the afterhours monitoring support.

We are already active in this space – either in our existing capacity as a security monitoring services supplier or via leveraging our experience, expertise and inhouse systems to support the businesses that are utilising these technologies.

IoT is an exciting emerging space within the monitoring industry and Monitor NZ is here to play our part to support a connected future.


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