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November 2018

Free Plink app available: install now

Patriot's free Plink app is now available on Android's Google Play Store and Apple's App Store and iTunes

On your phone:

  • Open your Google Play Store or Apple's App Store

  • Search for "Plink Patriot" and look for the P icon

  • Download and sign in (use your Monitor log in, or contact Angela if you haven't got a User ID and password)

  • Click "? Help" to see an overview of all the features in Patriots Internet Client Access Guide

  • Click "Open ICA" to get access to your panels.

Feel free to ring Colin on 0274 888 725 if you have any questions about the app.

Some of Plink's First Response app features

Permaconn & SkyCommand / T4000 Panels can now be controlled with the app:

  1. Event notifications and response

  2. 'Late to Close' notifications

  3. Viewing and editing details

  4. Arming and disarming site remotely.

Scroll down for more information about these features.

1: Event notifications and response

We can send out automatic alarm notifications to your cellphone, showing you the alarm and details of the event. Depending on the type of alarm and Patriot settings, you can receive:

  1. a standard notification of the alarm with no response options, or
  2. a notification with options to 'Cancel Alarm Response' or 'Request Operator Action'.

If you select to 'Cancel Alarm Response' it will automatically be completed in Patriot. So we can set this up for low priority events that you can choose to respond to without an operator being involved at any point in the process.

If you select to 'Request Operator Action' or if you don't respond within a specified time, Patriot will treat this as an alarm event in the Activation Queue for operators to respond to as normal.

2: 'Late to Close' notifications

Patriot can send you 'Late to Close' alarms so you can extend the scheduled closing time of your business.

You will receive an automatic notification about the 'Late to Close' alarm on your cellphone, and can choose to:

  • 'Cancel alarm Response' which will complete it back in Patriot at the station,
  • 'Request Operator Action', or
  • 'Extend the Scheduled Closing' time if you intend to be on site for a while longer.

This allows site Users and Managers to take control of the 'Late to Close' alarms, avoid call-outs for patrols to go and arm sites and allows the station operators to focus on responding to high-priority events.

3: Viewing and editing details

Using the Client Menu, you can view:

  • signal history (Signals)
  • activation history (Activations)
  • general account and user details (User List) where you can edit users and phone numbers.

4: Arming and disarming site remotely

If you have Permaconn or InnerRange T4000 / Sky Command panels, you can use the Plink app to arm and disarm panels remotely.

So if you get a 'Late to Close' notification because someone has forgotten to set the alarm then you can arm the panel from wherever you are without returning to the site.

If output controls are set up (eg, for lights, doors and other devices) then you are also able to control these remotely through the app.

Remember to keep us posted if you have any feedback!

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